ARTISANskin Scrub & Massage


Coffee Body Scrub Massage

Price : $165

Tighten, tone, and exfoliate your skin in this full body, double treatment! You'll begin with a full body dry brush experience to encourage blood circulation and release toxins. Followed by ARTISANskin's naturally formulated body scrub to target stubborn areas of cellulite, and exfoliate dull, dry skin. End your treatment with a 30 minute Swedish Massage to seal in the moisture from your body scrub. The perfect skin prep treatment that will leave you with smooth, soft skin from head to toe!

Key Ingredients:

Nettle Leaf Powder may naturally tighten and lift skin through its astringent properties. In addition to being a deep cleansing treatment, its anti-inflammatory ability may help heal an array of skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis).

Arabica Coffee has natural compounds that may improve circulation, reduce cellulite, and firm + smooth out skin while providing a deep exfoliation to wash away dead skin cells for a brighter glow.

Coconut Oil has linoleic acid meaning it may plump skin with its natural moisturizing properties, leaving smoother, soft skin.

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