Decrease muscle inflammation & helps increase athletic power


Athlete's Massage

Price : $126 / $165

An athlete’s massage for athletics to benefit for performances, before or/and after an event, training, prevent injuries or improve recovery. Firm strokes using arnica oil to purposely decrease muscle inflammation for power, endurance, and mobility. The pressure during the massage is meant to manipulate soft tissues and stretching to enhance flexibility and mobility. It is normal to leave feeling sore, the firmness from the massage is to help reduce inflammation and increase range of motion since messages help relax muscles of the body and prevent any injuries during and/or after performances.

While most non-clinical massages have short term benefits, athlete massages aim to have a more long term effect. This massage is not only targeted for athletes, but for anyone that is active to improve their range of motion. Athletes who do not receive an athlete's massage are more likely to get injured than those who do.

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