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Mesotherapy is a procedure that is used to treat a variety of aesthetic issues. It involves the use of healing ingredients for the purpose of removing cellulite and fatty tissue, improving hair growth, rejuvenating the skin, slowing down the process of skin aging, and rehydrating the skin, in addition to treating wrinkles, and so on.


Meso Contour - Starting at ($125)

Meso Contour is a non-surgical treatment that is used for targeted fat reduction, body contouring, and skin tightening.

Meso Firm - Starting at ($125)

MesoFirm is designed to help naturally improve the skin's elasticity and firmness and reduce the appearance of mimic wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks.

Meso Lift - Starting at ($125)

Mesolift is a mesotherapy treatment applied to the face that smoothes, tones, and lifts the skin.

Meso Glow - Starting at ($125)

Meso Glow is the ultimate solution for intense hydration and stimulation of skin collagen.

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